This Reformasi Diary chronicles the sweeping political and social events that rocked Malaysia following the sacking of former Deputy Prime Minister Dato' Seri Anwar Ibrahim in September 1998. 

Consisting of a selection of my writings over the Internet in the period following the sacking, it is my eyewitness account of a wide variety of events - the twists and turns of the Anwar trial, the street demonstrations that were brutally put down, the euphoric political rallies by tens of thousands of Reformasi supporters all across the country, the thoughts and feelings of ordinary Malaysians caught in the wave of Reformasi. 

From political analysis and straight journalistic reporting to biting satire and classical literary themes, this diary tries to capture the spirit, colour, excitement and hopes of people demanding change and reforms as their country approaches the threshold of a new millenium. 

If you have any comments or views you would like to share with me, or would like to be confidentially blank-copied on my mailing list of the most recent articles, feel free to write to: 

Last updated on 15th May, 2000:

'Not The New Straits Times': UMNO Elections Issue

The Spark Is Lit 
(September 20th, 1998)
They Call Us Many Things (September 15th, 1998) We Are Not Stupid (September 5th, 1998) 
A Day At The Cinema
(September 26th, 1998)
Azizan, Oh, Azizan! 
(December 7th, 1998)
How Safe Are You? (September 11th, 1998)
A Lantern In The Darkness
(October 5th, 1998)
Speech Outside The Courthouse of The Trial of Anwar Ibrahim 
(December 14th,1998)
Siapa Betul - Aku Ke Jebat? (September 15th, 1998)
Shopping For Justice
(October 10th, 1998)
Malaysia's top brains answer the call for a PM 'replica' (December14th,1998) Apa salah mereka? (September 20th, 1998)
When Anger Overcame Fear (October 17th, 1998) Top 5 Reasons of the Anwar Trial 
(December 22nd, 1998)
A Call To The Reformasi Movement 
(September 26th, 1998)
Rain of Terror 
(October 24th, 1998)
Who Bribed The Tarts? (December 25th, 1998 Who are these Reformists? (September 27th, 1998)

The Courage To Speak Out (October 12th, 1998)

Protecting yourself against chemical weapons 
(October 25th,1998)
A Brief (But Helpful) Guide To Reading The Malaysian Press (December28th,1998) Art for Politics' Sake
(October 15th, 1998)

Media Frenzy Finds Anwar Guilty As Charged 
(October 17th,1998)

Parliamentary Speech by Lim Kit Siang
(October 26th, 1998)
Batang Buruk Azizan
(January 7th, 1999)
At the Kedai Kopi
(October 29th, 1998)
A Letter From Prison 
(November 5th, 1998)
Situations Vacant
(January 9th, 1999)
Will we go under without Mahathir? 
(November 2nd, 1992)
Waiting for Justice 
(November 13th, 1998)
Barisan 99: The Mother Of All Bugs (February 24th, 1999) Reformasi brings drop in tourist arrivals? 
(November 2nd,1998)
An Evening With Justice
(January 16th, 1999)
Malaysia wins the Oscar!
(March 21st, 1999)
Casualty at the Crossroads (November 5th, 1998)
Rising From The Ashes
(January 30th, 1999)
The Great Leader
(April 20th, 1999)
"We don't tell lies ...... up to a point" 
(November 9th,1998)
All Part Of The Struggle
(February 1st, 1999)
I Am Still A Virgin!
(April 30th, 1999)
Patriots and Traitors (November 25th, 1998)
Changing Times
(February 2nd, 1999)
It's A Satirical Work
(May 1st, 1999)
Who or what is Reformasi? More importantly, WHY? (November 29th,1998)
(February 13th, 1999)
The Tiger and the Golden Touch (May 2nd, 1999) Dissidence On-Line (December 4th, 1998)
The Storm and The Rainbow
(February 28th, 1999)
Crocodiles sue Sang Kancil for RM 60 million (May 4th, 1999) Deafening silence greets the Parti Reformasi (December 5th,1998)
Lorong Aman, Jalan Merdeka (March 6th, 1999) The Boy Who Cried Wolf
(May 24th, 1999)
Socialist Malaysia (December 7th, 1998)

Happy New Year?
(January 5th, 1998)

All Honourable Men
(March 13th, 1999)
United We Stand
(May 30th, 1999)
Reformasi's Roving Eye (January 28th, 1999)
Law and Justice
(March 16th, 1999)
A Dog's Life
(June 7th, 1999)
Divide and Rule (February 5th, 1999)
O. K. T.
(March 20th, 1999)
The Emperor's New Clothes (June 13th, 1999) Internet senjata serang kerajaan (March 7th, 1999)
Candles In The Wind
(March 29th, 1999)
Protecting Your Teenager From Politically-Explicit On-Line Material 
(August 3rd, 1999)
Reformasi on the Internet (March 30th, 1999)
A Trip To The Pasar Malam (April 3rd, 1999) A stunningly wise decision (August 8th, 1999) No-holds-barred game of Malay politics on the Net (May 23rd, 1999)
In The Eye Of Justice
(April 4th, 1999)
The Reformasi Aptitude Test (August 13th, 1999) Barbarians At The Gates (June 18th, 1999)
Wishing Upon A Shooting Star
(April 11th, 1999)
Malaysia struck by Mad Kow-Tow Disease (November 5th, 1999) Democracy On-Line (August 6th, 1999)
A Night Out In The Town
(April 13th, 1999)
Riot police protest against negative public portrayal
(November 11th, 1999)
Life, liberty and Internet access .... (August 31st, 1999)
Judgement Day
(April 14th, 1999)
World leaders express support for Mahathir (November 11th, 1999) Battlelines drawn in Cyberwar
(November 12th, 1999)
Rakan, terus berjuang...
(April 17th-18th, 1999)
Anwar to face more court charges (November 15th, 1999) Media battle looms for swing votes (November 14th, 1999)
Record of Shame
(May 22nd, 1999)
Chinese Premier nominated to stand for BN 
(November 18th, 1999)
Malaysian election campaigning gets tech boost (November 26th, 1999)
Light in the Darkness
(May 23rd, 1999)
BN outraged over biased local media coverage 
(November 20th, 1999)
Hidden Agendas (December 7th, 1999)
Independence Day
(August 30th, 1999)
Nazional Front launches new advertising blitzkrieg 
(November 22nd, 1999)
On the Cyber Camapign Trail (December 10th, 2000)
(September 11th, 1999)
Nazional Front presents Pre-Election Victory Awards (November 28th, 1999) Re-colonised, yet again (January 12th, 2000)
(September 19th, 1999)
UMNO celebrates landslide victory!
(November 30th, 1999)
Dangerous times for Malaysia (January 21st, 2000)
From a friend at The Mosque
(September 19th, 1999)
UMNO Politicians placed on endangered species list
(December 5th, 1999)
Culture of hatred
(February 5th, 2000)
Wawasan Malaysia struck by strange paranormal phenomena
(December 13th, 1999)
Y2K: An Evil Foreign Plot? (December 31st, 1999)
Thank you to BN!
(January 7th, 2000)
FLU virus hits Malaysia
(January 14th, 2000)
Badawi's Soliloquy
(January 16th, 2000)
30 Dalils Why Mahathir Cannot Be A Witness at Anwar Ibrahim's Trial
(February 27th, 2000)
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